Interview with Manon Garcia

Today we are excited to share an interview with, Manon Garcia.

We chatted with Mama and mindful living, Manon, about life, motherhood, low tox/conscious living and more!

Apply a face mask, grab a matcha, and enjoy this refreshing conversation!


Hi Manon! Thank you so much for chatting with us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where are you located?
I live in Pomona California. I’ve been married to my husband David for 2.5 years. I’m a mama to my beautiful daughter Garland she’s almost 11mo old! I was a hairstylist before the pandemic but after I had my daughter and salons were finally open again I had no desire to go back but instead became a stay at home mama and i’m so grateful & blessed be where I am.
Love this! I know that you incorporate a lot of low tox things in your way of life and in your home, and also when it comes to beauty products...What led you to more of a natural/low tox lifestyle?
I think that it all really started when I was pregnant. My skin was horrible! I went from having the occasional breakouts to hormonal acne 24/7 and feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin. And so I started seeking out a more natural alternative to get my skin back on the road to recovery... that’s how I found BCN! The skin food mama set was exactly what I had been looking for and it did wonders to my troubled skin. After my daughter was born I switched my makeup to a more natural alternative because I didn’t want all of my toxic makeup rubbing off on her and I am so so happy I did! My skin has never looked better!!
That is so amazing! Jessica started BCN when she was pregnant with her daughter for those same reasons and I’m so happy that it’s paying forward in this way. That’s why we are here! 
Your daughter is such so dang adorable! What do your days look like with her? What would be an ideal Spring day with you and your fam?
Thank You! She’s just the absolute best! Our days really consist of listening to music, making smoothies, face timing our friends, taking nature walks and lots of cuddles haha I couldn’t ask for anything better. The ideal family Spring day would definitely be a trip to the beach aka my happy place.
Love that. She’s a lucky little girl to have a mama like you! Did you grow up in CA?
Aw, thank you! I’m definitely the lucky one. I grew up all over southern california and in middle tennessee... we did a lot of moving as I was growing up haha! But I’m so grateful to have lived in so many beautiful places.
That’s awesome! We are actually from Southern CA and now are located in Nashville! We swapped! Lol. 
Being a conscious mom, what are some things you would love to instill in your daughter as she grows up in this world?
Oh my goodness that’s hilarious! what a small world. 
I hope to teach my daughter to be mindful of what she puts in and on her body, to be kind and speak the truth in love, and to take care of this beautiful world that we live in that was made by our amazing God.
Love this. Thank you for being an inspirational woman and teaching our next generation to be mindful in all they do! 
What advice would you give first time mamas? 
To give yourself grace. Each day is different and some days you won’t be able to get all of the laundry, dishes, etc done and that’s okay! Just soak up this sweet time with your sweet babies because time truly goes by so fast.
Yes, absolutely! Grace mama! We all need and so do those babies! Life goes fast. 
What’s one of your fav things to do for “me” time?
My favorite “me” time would be...face mask on, a good book in hand and a bathtub
Sounds like we have more things in common! I bet everyone reading this is like, “saaaaaame girl, same”. 
Ok, here’s some fun questions Manon answered!:
Fav food: Mediterranean 
Fav season: Summer
Gold or silver? Gold
Sea or mountains? Sea
Garden or desert? Oh I love both so much haha but probably garden
Fav vacation spot? Northern CA 
Fav drink? Iced Peach Tea
Fav color? Yellow
Fav flower? This one changes often haha but currently I would say Dahlias 
Netflix and chill or dinner out? We netflix & chill pretty often so I would say a dinner out is pretty nice
Concert in the park or outdoor movie? outdoor movie
Burger or tacos? why is this the hardest question lol but I have to say tacos
If you were to choose a couple of your fav products from BCN for our readers to start with, what would they be?
You honestly can’t go wrong with any of the BCN products. But I would most definitely recommend the Royal Oil & Facial Face Polish (with those two products and it’s like you took a trip to the spa). And for makeup I would definitely recommend the Second Skin Color Match Foundation and Brow Kit (I’m seriously OBSESSED with the BCN brow kit! and I got my sisters hooked on it too).
Thank you so much for chatting with us and allowing our readers to get to know you more, Manon
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