The Brow Gel

Tips, tricks and the down low on one of our best selling products, The Brow Gel. 

The Deets

Our brow gel comes in 6 pomade gel like variations: 

Crystal Clear: Goes on crystal clear, classic gel, excellent hold, great on brows that don't need or want additional color or over our Brow Pencil. 

Cream To Clear: Soap brow fan? You've found your gel. Want fluff and amazing, waxy hold? This is it. We can't seem to keep this variation in stock. LOVE is an understatement. 

Blonde: Light blonde to light brown brows. 

Taupe: Dark blonde to medium dark brown brows. 

Light Brown: Light brown that like a strong brow to medium/dark brown brows.

Brown: Deep brown chocolate brows to almost black brows. 


A little goes a long way with our colored gels. The hold is insane and so is the pigment. You literally have to just touch your hairs and then blend in with wand to get the color and hold you want. A light hand is the key. 


For applying the cream to clear and clear, apply liberally and blend into hairs, coating the hairs before styling. If you want a bit more product on the brow, use the tip of the brush to apply access product that lays at the tip and then blend. 



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