The Care Consultant Program is an affiliate program designed to pay you for sharing clean beauty with your world. 

Our Why:

Jessica (founder) wanted to create a space for you to share clean beauty and provide a company that they can grow with. We are growing and you are reading this because you value the product and care about better beauty care. Maybe you are someone who wants to work or have an outlet that pays but don't want or can't go into a 9-5 (kids, school, etc.), maybe you are someone that wants to add another stream of income to your life or maybe you are just passionate about clean beauty and share it with your world anyways-might as well get paid for it!  No matter who you are, or what you do, Beauty Care Naturals is here for you. We are passionate about the stay at home parent, the working parent, the juggle all the hats parent, the hustler, the career person, the student, the influencer...Jessica built this company because of all of the above and wants to share it with ALL who have the same passion for better beauty care too. Come grow with us and help get better products and ingredients in the hands of people all ages and stages of life. 

(To read more about our founder, please check out about us page.)


Interested and want more info?


Email us at and we'll email you the details.