'We work hard to formulate our products with the safest most beneficial ingredients. We focus on creating better beauty, because we care.'

Owner, Jessica Miller,  is a Registered Naturopath who is passionate about not only what you put in your body but on your body in all ages and stages of life. Passionate about women's health, she set out to create a product that was safe for all stages of life including pregnancy and breastfeeding, without forsaking quality, look or color. We as women have so many things disrupting our hormones in this day and age and Jessica wants to make sure your beauty care isn’t one of them.

“Creating a product that would only add to your already feminine beauty and not damage your body in anyway or harm anything else in the process has always been my goal. So many cosmetics are filled with hormone disrupting chemicals and cancer causing ingredients. Much like cigarettes, we've been brainwashed by good marketing into thinking that a product is going to make you this or that but really the chemicals many companies use have been proven unsafe and are getting into the bloodstream through our largest organ, the epidermis, potentially wreaking havoc on our health. It's not our fault, we've been in the dark a long time about the unregulated practices of the beauty industry. Many patients I've treated we found that their bodies were filled with heavy metals and toxins many that when we traced it back were in their beauty care and cosmetics. Beauty Care Naturals was formulated with woman’s health in mind."-Jessica Miller CEO