This week, we're dishing on our TOP 5 BEST SELLERS and sharing why our BCN community can't get enough!


1. SKIN FOOD CLASSIC SKINCARE SETTo say this set does it all....well it does it all. Our unique formulations work synergistically and holistically with each other to bring ultimate balance to your skin. Because when it all shakes down that is what your skin is asking for to live its best life. BALANCE=BEAUTIFUL SKIN.

Calming Cleanser: Lather up and calm down with our hydrating and gentle but effective cleanser. Great for all skin types. Rich in skin supportive vitamins and botanicals, this cleanser will leave your skin fulfilled, clean and calm.

Fountain of Youth Serum: Formulated with skin loving oils, moisture locking and boosting hyaluronic acid and CoQ10 this serum targets cell renewal while keeping you look like you're drinking from the fountain of youth.

Refresh and Revitalize Toner: Our toner will help clear, hydrate and balance your skin while toning. Set in a organic peppermint base, broad spectrum of natural alpha hydroxy acids derived from plants sources like organic sugar maple, organic bilberry, organic orange peel, organic lemon peel, organic sugar cane and organic cranberries, gently exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring the appearance of a radiant and refreshed complexion.

Nourishing cream: This daily cream will help keep your skin looking youthful, balanced, healthy and bright. It is loaded with nourishing and hydrating oils but it goes on weightless. All the richness without all the weight of a traditional cream.

 2. SECOND SKIN COLOR MATCH FOUNDATIONOur color matching foundation will feed your skin with nourishing nutrients all day,  balancing your skin all while giving you breathable coverage that looks and acts like a second skin.  We like skin and we treat skin as a whole entity. Our ingredients support the skin's natural micro biome and pH, never clogging, masking or choking the skin. Because our formula is free of pore clogging ingredients, your complexion will glow with a finish that is polished, lightweight and breathable. 


3. LENGTHENING MASCARA - Formulated with natural conditioning ingredients effective for all day smudge free wear yet gentle enough for sensitive eyes, this mascara nourishes and lengthens without smudging, clumping or flaking. 


4. ROYAL OIL - This cream of the crop, quickly absorbing super oil blend is absolutely loaded with beneficial properties. With cold pressed, organic oils, this royal oil lives up to its name as it has plumping, hydrating, healing, regenerating properties and brings renewal to your skin. This will not only quench your skin, but provides it with nutrients that combat signs of aging. 


CREAM TO CLEAR BROW GEL: Fill, shape, thicken, do it all with The Brow Gel.

This creamy pomade plant-based formula delivers a flexible hold that doesn't flake or stiffen but provides a perfectly natural hold. Infused with a blend of botanicals and butters to condition and strengthen brows for lasting all day perfectly shaped brows.

DAILY SUN FACE LOTION: It's skincare AND it's sunscreen! Our anti-break out formula that won't clog your pores, is gentle enough for your face and robust enough for your whole body! It's a sunscreen and it's an anti-aging, pollution protection lotion.

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