How To Properly Use Your Skincare

So you've decided to up your skincare game and purchase products or a set to get down on self care. YAY! You won't regret it-at all. But before you go to town there are a few tips we'd like to share to make sure you're living your best skin life! 
Before we begin, let's go over the order of which we do all the skin things. 
Take off Make Up (This will be explained in TIP 1)
Cleanse (Massage into skin in circles for 1 min and wash off with warm water and wash cloth)
Tone (Spray on dry skin and let air dry)
Serum (1-2 pumps rubbing in upward motion from your lower neck to top of forehead-don't forget our neck!)
Moisturizer (Same as serum)
Oil (Optional) (Apply after moisturizer dries for extra hydration or right before bed, or to use gua sha). This will lock in hydration, heal scars and break outs and maximizes anti aging. 
When do masks or exfoliating scrubs come in? 
They come in 1-2 times a week AFTER make up removal and before cleansing. 
Make sure to take off ALL your make up BEFORE cleansing. You can do this with coconut oil, a make up removing pad like this (Takes make up off with water only) or make up remover. Cleanser can and will take off make up, but the purpose of a cleanser is to cleanse and you don't want to waste all those yummy ingredients meant for your skin, trying to get other products off your face. Take your make up off and THEN cleanse. You will find your skin will be cleaner, let break out prone and prepped and ready for the next phase. 
TIP 2 
Make sure your face is dry when you apply your toner. Simply dry your face with a cloth once you are done cleansing then spray your toner on and air dry. 
Tip 3
Make sure to apply your serum and moisturizer to your neck as well! Our necks need love too! 
Tip 4
When applying your oil like our Royal Oil , you can apply on naked skin over over your skincare routine for extra hydration and antioxidants. The wonderful thing about our oil is is wont make you break out! It actually FIGHTS break outs by working on your sebum oil production. 
Tip 5
For best skin results, make sure you use do your skincare routine AM and PM for at least the first 30 days. You may go through what is called skin purging when switching to ANY new skincare routine. Not always, but sometimes the skin will need to adjust and purge as it's going through the correcting and balancing phase. (Within the first few weeks). If this happens to you-stay consistent and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 
ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Our Daily Sun Lotion is our daily moisturizer with SPF (switch out the nourishing cream with this in the AM). It is non greasy, won't make you break out and has anti aging properties and non nano zinc! I am kinda obsessed because well I'm finally not breaking out after using a daily SPF! PRAISE. I don't go anywhere without this product.
Here are some incredible before and afters from using our Skin Food 

1 1/2 months of using the Skin Food Classic Set AM&PM

1 month of using the Skin Food Classic Set AM & PM and the R&R Serum.

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