At Home Facial Set


Exfoliate and deeply hydrate bringing fresh skin to the surface and ultra skin renewal for the most soft, glowing, fresh and bright skin. Dry, dull, flakey skin? This kit is for you! Breakout prone skin? Run don’t walk to grab this kit. 

This bundle includes our Instant Facial Face Polish & Royal Oil. Two best sellers combined into one perfect set for you or your loved ones this Holiday season. This is the perfect skincare set for all skin types (dry/combo/acne prone/oily). The Royal Oil helps balance the sebum oil production that attributes to over or under production leading to dry or break out prone skin and will rejuvenate, hydrate, repair and combat dry or blemished skin (what won’t it do really). The Instant Facial will remove dead, built up skin cells and bring fresh skin to the surface with gentle exfoliation of physical and chemical exfoliants. Great for all ages and stages of life. Your sister will love this set, your boyfriend will love this set, you will love this set and it’s at a discounted price because we love our BCN crew. 


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