"She’s my why. I was pregnant with Goldie when I was also pregnant with @beautycarenaturals. Did you know a girl’s first exposure to beauty care is around the age of 3?! Little make up kits loaded with heavy metals like lead, carcinogens and hormone disrupters are sold to our girls as cute and harmless. They are not harmless. Our little girls systems are the most sensitive and susceptible while they are young and developing. What about our teenagers? What we are using while we are pregnant and breastfeeding?!
We are green washed with labels that say “natural”, “green” that when turned around to read the actual ingredients are everything other than natural or safe. I used all the things -the lotions, potions, you name it. I used them as a little girl all the way into adolescence and early adulthood.  Why wouldn't I? I didn't know any better. My hormones were absolutely wrecked. PMS, horrible acne all things that come with a disrupted endocrine system.
A question we all have is “Well why would something like that be allowed on the market? Isn’t someone protecting consumers?” The short and sad answer is no. There are no regulations on what is sold to us in the beauty care industry. It’s the wild wild west my friends. You have to get to know brands and read labels. One day I hope we never have to question what is sold to our children or to us that is toxic to our bodies ,but for now I will work hard to create a space for clean beauty care that will do no harm. I took that oath when I became a Naturopath over 7 years ago and it will transfer into all I create; a company that is sourcing only safe ingredients and formulating products that aren’t causing any harm to your body. For all ages and stages of life."-Jessica