Stressed Out Skin

My skin was sooo bad the past month from stress, crappy eating, did I say stress (moving, momming, work, etc etc etc) (scroll down to see). I decided enough was enough and I made time to do my Skin Food set AM & PM also adding in the R & R serum every morning and night as well. Clear after 1 week and healed up like this after a month. I also STOPPED picking which makes it worse and makes it longer to heal, but stress makes us do wild things. Also on the agenda...making (forcing) time to take better care of myself allll the way around. It’s really not about vanity anymore-it’s about feeling GOOD in your body that carries you through this world. We got this! New year smew happens and it’s always ok to pivot and get back on the path to feeling your best.

Join us for the 30 day SKIN FOOD challenge. Use the Skin Food set day and night for 30 days documenting with photos everyday as you go and then submit your progress and before and after and earn a $50 gift card. We are excited to see your skin change!

Also....we have something launching in a month THAT IS A GAME CHANGER. MY LETTERS ARE YELLING IM SO EXCITED.

As some of you know, I have my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and was practicing as a Registered Naturopath before I had babies (and through). Well, this next product is something that I’ve put a lot of research/study/development into for our SKIN and I think you’re going to absolutely love it. STAY TUNED.



1 week to clear skin. 30 days to healed up skin below. 

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