The Body Set


Because our bodies need love too! The body set is great for co workers, friends, family members, husbands, stocking stuffers and more.


Included in this set is: 


Body Bar (unisex body bar)

The Body Bar. Our unisex bar of soap hints of musky undertones and is made with yummy oils and bamboo charcoal to clean, minimize pores and give your body the uncomplicated cleanness it desires. You love it. Your boyfriend loves it. Your brother loves it. Your girlfriend loves it. Your Dad loves it. Your skin loves it, the Earth loves it.

Body Bar Bag

This reusable soap bag is perfect to prolonging the life of your body bar, adding exfoliation and getting a nice sud going. Pop your body bar into the bag, place under water to sud and gently wash and scrub your body. When your done, pop the bar out and let the bag dry on the shower handle. 

Lip Conditioner Balm

A lip balm that not only soothes cracked lips but helps repair scars, skin breakage, fine lines and appearance, locks in moisture and locks out drying airborne pollutants for all day protection. 

*Our lip balms are hand poured to keep the integrity of the cold pressed oils, so each one will vary and there may be a “hand poured look” to it to it as it dried. 

*Ingredients sourced from organic farming

Body Oil (Can be used as beard, shave oil, on babies, bellies and in hair) Its perfect for EVERYONE and ALL bodies. 

This all in one Body Oil is formulated for both hair and bodyfor luscious moisture locked locks. This all over body oil is perfect for everyone looking for moisture and rich antioxidants on every part of the body including even mama and baby skin/scalps or those with skin issues and imbalances and great for dry/itchy/flaky skin, skin rashes, bacterial overgrowth or for deep hydration. Use on body, face, hair and scalp. Its the perfect oil for all over use. 


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