It's Friday night and your mom said your best friend can sleepover. After heading to Blockbuster and grabbing pizza, it's time to make your manicure dreams come true! MISS LEE PRESS-ON NAILS! The right hand (unless left handed) is a breeze but the left is enough to stress out any seasoned pro. You and your friend agree do each other's left hand. Ugh, you were distracted by the movie and put the wrong nail on the wrong finger...will it have enough stickiness to hold once you peel it off and replace it? Whew, SUCCESS! You and your friend admire your classy new manicure. All is right in the world.


WOW! At home nails have come a LONG way since our crazy Friday night shenanigans! 

Can you believe these are glue ons that lasted over 2 weeks? Me either, but they are. This my friend is 2 weeks IN. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. 


And these:

Glue ons are all the rage. You can customize them via Etsy or buy them on Amazon. 
Why we love them: EASY to apply. They don’t ruin your nails, you can soak them in warm water and pop them off. They last 2 weeks if applied correctly. What's not to love?
Application tips: 
1. Clean, trim down and file your nails. File on the top as well to give it some buff for the glue. Push back your cuticles and rub each nail with rubbing alcohol to completely sterilize. (You don’t want a green finger ;) which can happen if you have any moisture or bacteria lingering on the nail). Most nails come with all the tools to do this. 
2. Choose your sizing for each nail. Not too thin and not too wide. You’ll have a variety to hunt for the perfect or almost perfect sizes. If you’re in between, go smaller (not by a lot!).
3. Cut open the glue and add glue on your nail. I like to ad a drop or two and spread it completely over my nail with the tip. Then add glue to the nail you will be attaching and do the same thing. Press the nail onto your nail and press down over the whole thing holding firmly for 10 or so seconds. I like to press down my nail all the way into the cuticle area so that its starting right at the base. It makes it look more natural like you just had a fill. 
Why they are different from press ons: 
I am not a fan of press ons. Number one reason….they get caught in my hair! So annoying. And they fall off. If you do the glue ons correctly, they will feel like real, acrylic nails and you can easily change them every 2 weeks. It’s SO much fun and so easy and inexpensive. Plus, it hasn’t completely destroyed my nails like acrylics or gels. 
Try it out for yourself! ENJOY SIS
Here are some we love:


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