Get Ready Space for under $200

We believe in the power of purposeful spaces. They provide room to explore, restore peace, encourage creativity, and reset our goals. When combined with a morning routine, they make a perfect duo for success! 

Today we're sharing how to create a get-ready space for under $200! Putting together a space that "sparks joy" should empower - not break the bank! Here are a few images we gathered that evoke a calming environment while boosting creativity and energy!


The basis of every get-ready station is a table, chair, lighting, and mirror. It's best to locate your space near a window to ensure natural light. Once you've determined the mood/style, you can tailor down your options and select something that fits your space. We are loving these:



Each of these beautiful vanities come with seating, desk, mirror, and storage for under $200. This makes it simple and easy to pull a stunning space together. But let's keep going and piece together a dream space while coming in on budget! 



Each of these tables is under $100. 



These cute vanity stools are each under $50!



These range from $13-$51 



We've added these fun accessories (all under $60)! By breaking down the space, we're able to see how simple it is to come in under budget while making your dream space a reality!

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