'Clean Beauty Isn't Just For The 1%"

We believe in accessibility, advocacy and equality for all. Period. BCN was created for ALL women, of all races at a price point that makes non-toxic beauty accessible because this shouldn’t be a luxury.

We are here to prove that clean beauty isn’t just for the 1%. Clean beauty products, with sustainable packaging, are often priced and marketed as luxurious and often times, inaccessible. Toxic, harmful products shouldn’t be the only products that are accessible or ‘standard.’ As a Registered Naturopath Dr., our founder Jessica Miller, would guide young patients through hormone imbalance, assessing their eating and intake – including beauty care products. There are toxic ingredients in ‘conventional’ beauty products that wreak havoc on our health. One of her recommendations: switch to safer, non-toxic makeup and skincare alternatives. The most common response? “It’s too expensive, I can’t.” This shouldn’t be the reality. THIS is why access and inclusivity is the heartbeat of our company. We want you to know that no matter what, you are welcome here. Your health and wellness matter. Your beauty is seen, valued and honored.


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